Welcome to Dar’s Country Market!


Darlene (owner and operator of Dar’s) and her son Cory.

Welcome to Dar’s, the finest local grocery store in Elora.

We carry meat, seafood, dairy and produce that is delicious, locally sourced, and always the highest quality. Two years ago, Dar’s Country Market opened, becoming the grocery store Elora citizens choose for its commitment to people.

That means ensuring unparalleled quality, meaningful relationships, and authentic, valuable experiences. It’s about wholesome. It’s about health. It’s about real. It’s about being proud of what we put in our bodies, and proud about who we do business with.

Darlene Dunn is the owner and operator of Dar’s Country Market and she enthusiastically connects the incredible community of Elora, Ontario with uncompromising quality and unbelievable taste.

My family and I shop at Dar’s Country Market for a few reasons. I know she works with local suppliers, because she has personally introduced me to some of them! Also, her product is just better than anything I can get at other grocery stores. In fact, my wife insists on buying things like honey and carrots and other fresh vegetable from Dar because they really, truly taste better. Dar spoils my 3 little girls with little treats whenever they come in – and her staff always goes above and beyond in helping us out! (Josh Gordon)